Thank you Dee and Greg for my Hongy original. We absolutely love it. My favourite thing in my favourite colour. (Susie P)

Love this! (Savannah LH)

Awesome site easy to use and great info - top work mate!! did you do a didge yet or do i still have the only 2 original hongy didges? (Dougy M)

Looks great hongy !!!! (Stephen B)

They are pretty awesome Hongy, well done!! (Sue B) All your paintings are so good, keep up the good work Hongy!! (Sue B)

Awesome site guys .... I loved the history of Greg's family, well done! (Jacqui B)

SUPER Impressed here. They are stunning! (Melanie S)

Woohoo awesome (Susie L)

Pretty darn good Hongy (Sue)

 Good stuff keep them rolling on in (Lani C)